Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Thank You, NBA

Thank you NBA, Commissioner Stern, Stu Jackson, whoever it was who finally issued a $10,000 fine to Bruce Bowen for kicking Ray Allen in the back. Bowen has gotten away with these kinds of things before and the NBA finally recognized the problem and did something about it. I just hope the NBA and the officials keep an eye on him in the future. Basketball is very physical, I know, but defense is not about kicking, scratching, and elbowing your opponents. Maybe junior high girls do it when the refs aren't looking, but professional basketball players are closely monitored and should play at a higher level than that. I support Ray Allen on this one:

"It's just dirty basketball. It's plain, outright, dirty basketball. You guys have chronicled our battles over the last couple of years and I don't mind the competition, someone going at me on both ends of the floor. ... But when guys start throwing elbows and kick you when you're down, that's dirty basketball and I don't respect guys like that."