Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dallas vs Memphis

This is the most exciting time of year: the NBA Playoffs. All the top teams start a whole new season from scratch. They all have a shot at a championship. And the TNT clowns, Kenny and Charles, are at it again. All Barkley can talk about is Pau Gasol and how he's going to give the Mavericks hell. I don't disagree, but what about Dirk Nowitzki giving the Grizzlies hell? Most likely our centers will be guarding Gasol. Fouls will be distributed between them to prevent easy baskets. I am glad Memphis is the team we're playing. Not to take anything for granted, because I know they will be tough, but this is great preparation for the likely second-round matchup against the Spurs. Memphis is a great defensive team (they allow the fewest points in the NBA), they're extremely physical, and they play great half-court basketball. I would call them "Diet San Antonio," but they deserve a lot more credit than that, especially since they didn't back down from the fifth seed like the Clippers did. This will be a hard-fought series between Dallas and Memphis. It won't be pretty. But someone's got to come out on top. I know I have my pick.


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