Thursday, April 27, 2006

Playoff Notes

The Mavs have a 2-0 series lead over the Grizz. Game 1: 103-93. Game 2: 94-79. The hustle from all our players is incredible. In Game 1, that's the best I've ever seen Erick Dampier play. He was a beast! He chased every loose ball, every offensive rebound. I believe he ended up with 12 points, 12 boards, and 2 blocks. Dirk has been the best overall player on the floor in both games...NOT Pau Gasol. Every Maverick has been great so far. And Barkley ("Sponge-Chuck Fat Pants" as Mike Fisher calls him) has not a single thing to say about the Mavs. Typically, he and Kenny only talk about how horrible Memphis (or any of Dallas' opponents) played and how Pau Gasol needs to "step up!" Barkley also called the Mavs an "offensive-minded team," so as long as Memphis plays defense, then they can beat the Mavs. What an idiot! The rest of us know how good the Mavericks defense has become, so there's no need to get into that. It makes no sense that someone gets paid a seven-digit salary by TNT to NOT watch the games. Congratulations to Avery Johnson, Coach of the Year. This season tied the franchise high record of 60-22, and marked a franchise best in points-allowed per game: 93.1 ppg. Most importantly, he has changed the Mavericks mindset into a DEFENSIVE-MINDED TEAM. Fortunately the offense has not suffered.

I am really enjoying this Suns vs Lakers series. Kobe is actually sharing the ball and his teammates are involved. The Lakers got a win in Phoenix last night...this is getting interesting. I think they've got a good shot at beating the Suns.


Anonymous Lauren Nowitzki (as I will be known as soon as I meet him and we get married the next day) said...

WILL GUERIN! The freakin Dallas Maverick basketball team (AKA our first love) are the first team to advance!!!!! I know this excites you as much as it does me. Now if we could just keep our eye on the SA Spurs and pray for Bibby and the Kings to pull it together, we should see our boys continue to kick some major ass. Hail Mary...

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