Saturday, April 01, 2006

Should We Be Concerned?

Any time you lose three games in a row, and you are a title contender, you need to show concern. You also need to get it together fast. Josh Howard is back now. Devin Harris is due back soon. Adrian Griffin tomorrow against Denver. These are our best perimeter defenders, so maybe teams will no longer be shooting lights-out from beyond the arc against us. These guys also help on the offensive end. One statistic I expect to go up is assists. The Mavs aren't a team that gets a lot of assists, but Howard, Griffin, and Harris share the ball well. Also, Josh averages 15 points a game, while Harris averages 10. So we've got an upgrade in there are no more excuses. No more being burned by other teams' point guards [Billups: 31 points, 11 assists; Nelson: 27 points, 4 assists; Arroyo: 12 points coming off the bench]. No more allowing over 100 points. This team should not be doing so poorly. Avery expects this team to run his system regardless of who's injured. The system works, at least I trust it does. But the players have to execute. Let's see how the guys respond at home tomorrow.


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