Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Another Win And Further Griping By The Spurs

Last night's overtime win was maybe one of the best in franchise history. I'm still amazed at Terry's high-arc shot over Tim Duncan. This Mavericks team is showing so much heart and hustle. Avery's got to be proud. Meanwhile, the Spurs are acting so unprofessionally. This is no longer a team worthy of advancing. Duncan, Bowen, Ginobli, and others are constantly bitching and complaining about the refs. But here's some news: The refs do not decide basketball games! You cannot honestly say that the Spurs outplayed the Mavericks. Don't get me wrong; the Spurs were very good last night. Parker, Duncan, Ginobli, and Finley all had good games, but the Mavericks were better. Simple as that. And last night Popovich went completely off-topic after the game and insulted every Maverick fan in that building saying that it is wrong and incomprehensible to boo Michael Finley in Dallas. He discussed how much Finley has done for this organization and how he should be praised at the AAC. First of all, we Mavs fans do not need a lecture on what Finley has done for our organization. We know. We're grateful. But here's some other news: The guy now plays for our arch-rival, and it's the playoffs! Of course he's going to hear some boos. We love our team and we want our opponents to lose! If you want to talk about class, Pop, first look at how you and your players have been responding to the refs. Shut up and worry about your own team, who by the way is on the verge of elimination.
Just one more win to clinch the series...


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