Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Dallas 113, San Antonio 91

Good win. The series is split coming back to Dallas. Of course you never can take being at home for granted with the Spurs. They are very good on the road. Good decision in starting Harris at point guard and moving Terry to shooting guard. Although there is a defensive risk in having an undersized shooting guard, it really helps the offense, especially for the Mavericks. Devin Harris is the best on the team at penetration. He attacks the basket with absolutely no fear. He's also a quick passer. Meanwhile Terry doesn't have to be a point guard. He can just do what he does best: SCORE. The Spurs are a tough team to score against. This new lineup helps with that problem. Obviously a different approach would have to be taken against a team like Phoenix. We would probably go back to the original lineup. But EVERY basket is valuable against the Spurs. Most importantly, there was no defensive liability last night:
"Their defense was excellent." - Gregg Popovich

It's time for a change. This needs to be the year of the Dallas Mavericks.


Anonymous mara said...

will, im disappointed you dont have a new blog up yet about the win tonight...ur fallin down on ur game. anyway, all i have to say in regards to tonights game is fuck yeah! that is all

12:05 AM  
Blogger Will said...

Haha...a new blog is in the works. Glad you guys saw the game last night. I wish I had been there!

3:17 PM  

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