Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dirk's & Devin's Play...and Duncan's Bitching

Dallas 104 San Antonio 103

The two point-guard lineup worked again. They just couldn't stop Devin Harris. What a competitor! He's been so aggressive. It was also great to see Dirk refuse to leave the game after rolling his ankle. Normally, in the regular season, Dirk would probably miss the next few games. But this is the playoffs. We need him now more than ever. By the way, he shot 24 free throws last night. It's good to see him be aggressive and get to the line when his jump shots aren't falling.

I can't believe how much Tim Duncan bitches about the fouls he commits. It seems like EVERY time he's called for a foul, he has to complain about it. Nearly all of them are legitimate calls too. I'm not sure if he expects to be held to a higher standard because he's Tim Duncan, or if he's just a big baby. But he needs to shut up and just play the game. I'm getting tired of seeing him spread his arms and bug out his eyes to the refs every time he's called for a foul.

The Mavs lead the series 2-1.


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