Sunday, May 07, 2006

Round 2, Game 1 Thoughts

I am actually surprised the Mavericks lost Game 1. I really expected us to come out on top. We had the lead nearly the entire game. Unfortunately the Spurs' defense shut down our offense . That 3 by Bowen didn't help much either. The two biggest concerns I have with this series is the Spurs defense and their perimeter shooting. The perimeter shooting seems to be something the Mavericks can control. Simply guard the perimeter. Don't leave guys like Finley, Horry, and Bowen wide open. The Spurs only ended up shooting 23% from beyond the arc, so for the most part, it was under control. The Spurs defense, however, is a tough one. How do we score against them and get a rhythm offensively? Until the end of the game the Mavs were doing fine. Stackhouse really attacked their defense and ended up with 24 points. Dirk, Howard, and Terry were all in double figures. By the way, I still think Dirk can be more assertive against these smaller defenders they're putting on him. Bowen (6'7") mostly guards Dirk, and I saw Finley (6' 7") guard him for a while today. But somehow they messed him and the rest of the team up down the stretch. We've got to be able to close AT LEAST one tight game in San Antonio. If the Mavericks want to get all the respect they deserve, they must beat San Antonio in the playoffs. The Spurs are probably the biggest obstacle of anyone.


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Anonymous mara said...

haha that :( was from me

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Blogger Will said...

Don't cry Mara...I have a feeling Game 2 will go in our favor.

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