Monday, May 22, 2006

When You Think It's All Over

I have so many emotions going through me. I have never been prouder of this basketball team. I saw the game slipping away, and when Ginobli hit that 3 I thought that was it. But that's why these guys are professionals...they don't give up. The stats were all impressive on both sides. But what won the game were the intangibles. Damp started and did a great job, Diop had to come in at the end after Damp and Van Horn fouled out, Dirk drove it to the basket all night, Terry put on an amazing performance coming off the suspension, Van Horn hit those 3's, Josh got us off to a quick start. Everyone was great. I just can't put into words the heart the guys had tonight.
To be the champs, you must beat the champs. That's what happened tonight. The Mavs are the younger, hungier, more athletic team, and fortunately we came out on top. There are still two series left to win it all. But I think we're seeing the beginning of a shift in power in the West. The Mavs are the team of the present and the future. The Spurs' reign has come to an end. Like I said, the Mavs are younger and they're the more promising team. I'm just so glad the guys didn't give up at the end. To quote that Tears For Fears song, "When you think it's all over / It's not over / It's not over..."

I have never been prouder to be a Mavs fan.


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