Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bench Woes: Trade Croshere for Najera

Pretty good so far: 18-7. I'm not very impressed with our new reserves though. So far our bench is not as strong as last season's...of course that has a lot to do with Devin Harris being a starter now. Here are some notable players, for better or for worse:

Anthony Johnson: He dribbles too much. He's not a quick-thinker like JET or Harris. Plus his field-goal percentage is not too impressive at .396
Austin Croshere: So far he's been mediocre at best. He's basically a non-factor, a slow Keith Van Horn with muscles. His field-goal percentage is at a career low at .323
Stackhouse has been okay, but nothing special. He's still recovering from injury...at least that's what I hope.
Devean George hasn't been great either. He's shooting .325
Greg Buckner: Hard to tell...like Adrian Griffin, he's not going to put up amazing stats. He does a lot of dirty work. His shooting's not bad though.
Maurice Ager: Good call sending him to the D-League. Maybe he can learn how to pass the basketball in Fort Worth.

The starters (Harris, Terry, Howard, Nowitzki, Dampier) have been outstanding. We probably have the best starting lineup in the league considering how well these guys are playing. I just hope the bench can pick it up and come together as a unit. For now, I say trade Croshere for Najera. This would help allow Denver to bring in Allen Iverson. Plus we get a hard-working fan favorite back. I think Najera could be a lot more effective under Avery than Croshere currently is. We'll see what happens later. After all, it is a long season...